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Your safety is our main priority as we begin the new dance season

*Guidelines are subject to change, you will be notified of a change via email or per or Barefoot Family Share Facebook Page

Barefoot Dance Studio's response to COVID-19 and other Illnesses

  • Masks are optional within the lobby and open areas. Masks are optional while in the classroom. Students masked in the classroom will be closely monitored to ensure they are not being overworked while wearing a mask. Breaks and appropriate measures will be taken for them.

  • Water fountain will only be used for refilling. Please pack in your dance bag, hand sanitizer, a mask, and a labeled water-bottle. 

  • Hand sanitizer will be required by staff and students before and after every lesson.

  • Dancers will be socially distanced through floor and barre markings. 

  • In an attempt to reduce the number of individuals in our establishment we will be closing the lobby. This means that no parents/guardians or non dancers will be in the lobby. Reminder, you can view your students class via zoom by accessing the link in your parent portal. Students will need to bring a dance bag with all items needed for their classes for the entire duration of their evening (all shoes, mask, water, hand sanitizer etc.). We ask that parents with students in Level 1 and up resort to a drop off and pick up option. NOTE: For our preschool/primary dance students we understand parents may need to help them. Please be sure to practice our facility policies while in the building. Only one patron per student will be allowed in the building at a time. 

  • We do know that there are several students that have breaks in between classes. We ask that these students continue to follow appropriate safety protocols (maintaining their distance, keeping their mask on etc).

  • If students are eating we ask that they also do this safely as they will not be wearing a mask to eat. To keep the studio clean and sanitary, all students need to dispose of all of their own trash as soon as they are done eating. If you have snacks or leftovers that you would like to save for later, it needs to be wrapped tightly and placed in your dance bag. 

  • Studios will be disinfected and sanitized accordingly.

  • Students, staff and family are required to be screened at home prior to coming to Barefoot. As Barefoot cannot account for everyone at all times, we expect our customers to practice safety and awareness during this time.

  • If you or a family member are showing any symptoms or have tested positive for COVID-19, you will not be given admittance to enter the building. If students have a fever or any other symptoms related to COVID-19, similar flu symptoms, or any other symptoms related to an infectious disease or illness, do not come to class until it is recommended by a local health care provider. 

  • Barefoot will not be held liable for any COVID-19 cases in our customers as it will be your utmost responsibility to self screen. 

  • If we feel a student is exhibiting symptoms and may be a risk to our staff or other students we will kindly dismiss them from class, take them to an isolated area and contact a parent or guardian to pick them up. (with our patrons doing pre-screening we hope to avoid ever having to utilize this measure). 

  • In the event that a student or staff test positive for COVID-19 please notify the studio immediately. If the student has been in contact with any Barefoot staff or student, all patrons will be notified and appropriate CDC quarantine measures will be taken.

  • Barefoot will continue to monitor the health and safety of our customers and community and make decisions that we feel keep everyone safe. These policies/guidelines may be changed or updated at any time in order to protect our patrons and staff. Anyone who does not choose to adhere to these policies will be asked to leave the facility.

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